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Udaya Ayurveda was found with the mission of 'taking Ayurveda to every home'. Our objective of making people happy and healthy through authentic Ayurvedic treatment delivered at their doorstep is a direct response to the ailments and disorders - such as General Ayurveda treatments, Alzheimer's care, Pre and Post pregnancy care, Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Obesity, Hypertension, Spondylitis, Piles, Skin problems, Sexual disorders, etc. - affecting the global community today, most of which do not have any impactful or sustainable treatment in modern medicine.

Udaya Ayurveda provides authentic Ayurvedic treatment and medicines for all kinds of chronic and lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, arthritis, stress, migraine, high blood pressure, skin diseases, asthma, spondylitis, obesity and sexual disorders, among others.

In Ayurveda, disease is always seen as an imbalance in the dosha system. As a result, the diagnostic process strives to determine which doshas are underactive or overactive in a body. Ayurveda offers mainly three kinds of treatment - through Ayurvedic medicines, diet and lifestyle control and Panchakarma.

Ayurvedic medicines mainly comprise of powders, tablets, decoctions, medicated oils, etc., which are prepared from natural herbs, plants, and minerals. Panchakarma comprises a number of Ayurvedic therapies involving detoxification, therapeutic cleansing of the body and rejuvenation as a treatment for many chronic conditions.

Patients come to Udaya from around the world - from over 100 countries. No matter whom they are, they all expect one thing - that they receive high-quality, personalized, effective treatment.

We are pleased to say that the vast majority of our patients come from personal references of friends and families - people who have regained their health through the quality treatments that we provide. We also have a large number of repeat patients, demonstrating that people visit us again for new health problems they face because they have received successful healthcare from Udaya in the past.


Ayurveda is a way of life, a way of cooperating with Nature and living in harmony with nature. Health in Ayurveda means harmony, and there is really no end to the degree of harmony can achieve if you set yourself to the task. Ayurveda balances and rejuvenates an organism, reducing its susceptibility and empowering its immunity to prevent new disease from developing.

In ancient days, when Ayurveda was being developed, humans were much less able to control their external environment than we can today.Ayurveda is most concerned with the physical basis of life, concentrating on its harmony to induce harmony of mind and spirit.

We tend to identify most with our physical bodies; yet, in actuality, there is more to us then what meets the eye. We can see that underlying our physical structure is the mind, which not only controls our thought processes but helps assist us in carrying out day-to-day activities such as respiration, circulation, digestion and elimination.

The mind and the body work in conjunction with one another to regulate our physiology. In order for the mind to act appropriately to assist the physical body, we must use our senses as information gatherers. We can think of the mind as a computer and the senses as the data which gets entered into the computer.

Smell and taste are two important senses th at aid in the digestive process. When the mind registers that a particular food is entering the gastrointestinal tract, it directs the body to act accordingly by releasing various digestive enzymes. However, if we overindulge the taste buds with too much of a certain taste, such as sweet, we may find that the ability of the mind to perceive the sweet taste is impaired; and thereby the body becomes challenged in its ability to process sweet foods.

Maintaining the clarity of our senses is an essential part in allowing the mind and body to integrate their functions and help in keeping us healthy and happy individuals.

Ayurveda was designed by the Rishis especially for those individuals who want to enjoy the world healthy. Balance of the mind spirit, which are ethereal and therefore inherently difficult to stabilize comes more easily once the body has been made firm and healthy. This is especially important today when most people are thoroughly enthralled with the material world.

Rishis used the theory of the Five Great Elements, more properly known as the Five great States of Material Existence to explain how the internal and external forces are linked together.

These five elements condense to the Three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha which are effectively Air, Fire and Water respectively. Vata is the principle of kinetic energy in the body. It is mainly concerned with the nervous system and controls all body movement. Kapha is the principle of potential energy which controls body stability and lubrication. The tissues and wastes of the body which Vata moves around are Kapha's province. Pitta controls the body's balance of kinetic and potential energies.

All of Pitta's processes involve digestion or cooking even if it is the cooing of thoughts into theories in the mind. The enzymatic and endocrine systems are Pitta's main field of activity.

At the cellular level Vata moves nutrients into and wastes out of cells, Pitta digests nutrients to provide energy fo cellular function and the cell's structure is governed by Kapha. In the digestive tract Vata chews and swallows the food, Pitta digests it, Vata assimilates nutrients and expels wastes and kapha controls the secretions which lubricate and protect the digestive organs. In the mind Vata retrieves previous data from memory for comparison with new data. Pitta processes the new data and draws conclusions which Vata then stores as new memories. Kapha provides the stability needed for the mind to grasp a single thought at a time.

Ayurveda gives us a model to look at each individual as a unique makeup of the three doshas and to thereby design treatment protocols that specifically address a persons health challenges. When any of the doshas ( Vata, Pitta or Kapha ) become accumulated, Ayurveda will suggest specific lifestyle and nutritional guidelines to assist the individual in reducing the dosha that has become excessive. We may also suggest certain herbal supplemen ts to hasten the healing process. If toxins in the body are abundant, then a cleansing process known as Pancha Karma is recommended to eliminate these unwanted toxinsThis understanding that we are all unique individuals enables Ayurveda to address not only specific health concerns but also offers explanation as to why one person responds differently th an another. We hope that you will continue to explore Ayurveda to enhance your health and to gain further insights into this miracle we call life.

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